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Welcome to our Active Spanish Academy.  We work to make your passion and entertainment your best tool for learning Spanish.

It is demonstrated that motivation is the key factor in accomplishing any goal and especially in learning a foreign language.  By uniting your passions with your desire to learn Spanish, we can achieve that necessary motivation which will, without a doubt, heighten your concentration level, erase fatigue, and convert your language learning into an activity which is especially fun and satisfactory.

If what most motivates you are water sports, mountain bike, rock-climbing, whale-watching, scuba-diving, or simply enjoying the natural paradise that is Tarifa, come with us to practice all of this within an environment of Spanish culture, and your motivation will cause your Spanish level to progress immediately.

In addition to all of this, you will have the opportunity to share linguistic and cultural “intercambios”; conversational exchanges with our English-learning students in the academy English Time, with whom we share location.  Spanish people living in Tarifa share many of your free-time interests and passions and can discuss these interesting topics in a sportive and relaxed atmosphere.

On top of all this, we offer you a variety of courses with the best price and quality.  Our Active Spanish Academy offers you the possibility of selecting combined Spanish courses in the morning and diverse activities including sports and tourism in the afternoons.  In this way, we offer you the best tools for completely enjoying your stay in Tarifa.  We also offer an additional option of trips and day-visits on Saturdays to special points of interest in the area.

To assure your complete relaxation without worry, we also offer lodging with families, in apartments, residencies, or small studies.

Think no more and immerse yourself in a world of sensations and Spanish culture with Active Spanish Academy.