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Our Objectives

Where we are

...(GPS) TARIFA 36.01 N, 5.37 O.



We encourage the students of the Active Spanish Program to participate in activities which put them in real situations in which they can use their recently-learned Spanish skills in a relaxed and realistic manner.

Meeting native-speakers forms an important part of enjoying the culture and the language, and trips form a fun way to deepen your knowledge of the area.

Trips will be programmed for Saturdays, and the destinations will be, among others:


In this unique area, protected as the Natural Park of the Strait of Gibraltar, you can witness incredible sea-life and whales with specialists in Whale research in the Strait, famous as a highly-transited path for marine life between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic.

Whale-watching in the Strait is a special treasure for Tarifa, don’t let your visit here miss out on this unique experience.


Seville by Bicycle

In conjuction with the Sevilla Bike Tour, we offer a guided bike tour through the beautiful and historic capital of Andalusia.  Thanks to the recent and extensive Bike Paths through the city, you can visit-- in only one day-- the most emblematic parts of Seville:  from the Historic Center and the famous Giralda tower with her gothic Cathedral (the largest gothic cathedral in the world, and second-largest cathedral in the world), to the Guadalquivir River and the Tower of Gold, later passing through the Plaza de España, the María Luisa Park, all the while passing through the traditional corners of Sevilla where we stop to refresh ourselves with famous “tapas”.

Enjoy a fascinating and historical city in the most exciting and practical way…


Horse Riding / Trail Rides

Enjoy a relaxing trail ride through beautiful and hidden landscapes…  Gallop between completely-preserved nature while watching the sun set over the Strait of Gibraltar… Trot gently through the famous sand-dunes in the soft sand of gorgeous beaches…



Come with us through untouched natural landscapes while enjoying the thrill and adventure of mountain-biking.  Routes are guided and adapted to the needs of the person or group.  Mountain-biking makes inaccessible areas accessible, taking you through mountain paths to secret rivers and waterfalls…


Rock-Climbing in San Bartolo (Tarifa)

Now you have the opportunity to learn or practice rock-climbing in a safe and easy way in a place of breath-taking beauty.  While rock-climbing, you will be witness to the gorgeous spread of beaches, the Strait of Gibraltar, Punta Paloma, and the African coast.

San Bartolo, only 10 minutes from Tarifa, offers 250 climbing routes of levels between III and 8a.  There are routes from 10 to 80 metres high, all within a beautiful natural environment.


Visits to Granada, Ronda, and hikes through the Natural Park of Alcornocales are among the many adventures awaiting you…