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Spanish & Sports

Where we are

...(GPS) TARIFA 36.01 N, 5.37 O.



In our Active Spanish Program, we offer the possibility of combining the learning of a new language with the practicing of an exciting sport.  In this way, you will learn not only a new and amazing sport, but also will have the opportunity to practice a language while being immersed in the unique Spanish culture.


Thanks to the exceptional natural environment which surrounds Tarifa, we are able to offer our students the possibility to learn and perfect wonderful water and outdoor sports such as:  kitesurf, windsurf, surf, paddle surf, rock-climbing, scuba diving, horse riding, etc.  In the case that you are already a regular rider in these sports, you can take advantage of important discounts in the surf schools which we have available through our academy.


We offer lodging for those clients who wish to come to Tarifa without having to worry about finding a place to stay.


Our kitesurf courses are available through official kite schools, equipped with the safest and most modern materials.  Our monitors use the latest techniques, such as the use of walky-talkies to maintain contact with the monitor at all times.

Total Price for Standard Spanish Classes (2 weeks, 30 hours) plus 4 days of Kitesurfing Classes (12 hours) = 450€


Our windsurf courses and equipment rental are provided by an official sail school located on the beach, allowing you to change your material depending on the wind conditions.  You will be attended in each moment by a monitor covering your progress.

Total Price for Standard Spanish Course (2 weeks, 30 hours) plus 5 days of Windsurf classes (10 hours) = 395 €


Rock-climbing, Surf, Paddle surf, Scuba-diving, Trail Rides (Horses), Mountain bike… whatever pastime you choose can be combined with our Active Spanish Program, to make your stay in Tarifa an unforgettable and educational experience of a lifetime.