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...(GPS) TARIFA 36.01 N, 5.37 O.




The little fishing town Tarifa (Andalusia) is situated at the southern most point of the European mainland seperating the Atlantic ocean  and the Mediterranean sea.

You can see the mountains of the African coast incredibly close as the Strait of Gibraltar is only 11km between Tarifa and the african continent.

Tarifa is attracts water sports enthusiasts from all around the world in any season of the year.

The city beach of Tarifa is named Playa Los Lances, it is the longest beach (10km) in Andalusia. The Costa de la Luz continues with beautiful sandy beaches in direction north until Portugal and cannot be compared in originality and beauty with the more populated and built up Costa del Sol at the Mediterranean sea.

Just behind the beach of Los Lances the natural preserve of "Alcornocales" begins extending far into the back country. This area is a paradise of hiking and mountainbiking.

At the very end of the Tarifa bay is where the Levante wind has gathered over the centuries a huge sand dune. The mountain of San Bartolo, famous for hosting 200 of Spain's best climbing routes, rises just behind the dune.

The historical center of Tarifa is surrounded by thick walls. Although the center is small, you can easily get lost in the many little streets and squares.

Small Plazas with orange trees, old houses with little balconies and plenty of nice restaurants and cafes dignify the town's image.

You can reach everything by foot in Tarifa town. The kitesurf and windsurf stations and some of the best hotels and holiday houses are situated a few kilometers outside of Tarifa.

Tarifa  is a perfect base for many interesting nearby destinations reachable within short time.

There's plenty of sports offers in Tarifa. Windsurfing, kitesurfing, surfing, horseback riding, climing, golf, mountainbiking, hiking, paintball and fitness are just a few examples.

Tarifa also provides a well equipped fitness studio for all those of you, who want to work out in their in their holidays, too.

Thanks to the warm climate all year arround, you can practize your favourite sport in Tarifa at any time.


Nightlife in Tarifa

Tarifa is a small town and walking from one end to the other doesn't take longer than 15min. Still, the offers for nightlife are endless.

Everything starts a bit later in Tarifa as people come back from beach usually not before 8pm in the summer.

Up from 11pm it's worth to start a round through the bars of Tarifa in the old center. From flamenco music to modern bars with live DJs you'll certainly find your favourite place in Tarifa. In most of the bars a glas of beer or a shot are not more expensive than 1 Euro.

After 1am in the morning it's worth to go to one of the clubs in Tarifa to dance the rest of the night away.